Hi and welcome to my 6th mid-week reading blog. Again so many great articles to share. Hope you find something worth a read. Cheers Vic

Culture and Innovation: here are a couple of articles on creating a culture of innovation, first on adjusting your playbook to embrace innovation in the workplace; then cultivating a content centric culture focusing on collective ownership of content;



Business: I want this nirvana now! Social CRM, so let me know if you have a working set of apps that achieve true integration as described here; if you work for a global this advice might not be applicable but for those of us in small business good points on why not to respond to RFP’s:



People and Capability: Interesting revelation in this article that employers tend to evaluate candidates on whether they’d be likely to hang out with them; this LinkedIN post on the conundrum of negative performance feedback provides a good assessment;



I tweeted this one on Yahoo – it’s funny, smart, sad and makes some good points;


Leadership: I love this wee slideshare on happiness in business, brief and to the point; functional list on good leadership drawing an analogy with the film Moneyball; some insight into running an effective – and not boring – board meeting; while looking for something to inspire me I found this article on how busy people find time to think deeply, personally hanging the washing or doing the dishes in the office at night work for me too:





Data, Big Data and BI: It’s probably not cool to have a link to a link but as a resource list this provides you Data Scientists out there with an awesome list of resources from analyticbridge.com; I liked this blog from Forrester on Mobile BI and Cloud BI evaluation criteria – and therefore characteristics we should care about; different article on Big Data this time drawing our attention to some of the potential problems instead of the usual hype; and SAP HANA as a Service, interesting concept too: