Hi and welcome to my weekly reading blog, a short list of the best stuff I have read on the web this week. I have added an OMG section – so many things astound me and don’t really fit into a best of category. Happy reading. Vic

Careers and personal development – one of my pet topics is whether LinkedIN endorsements are helpful or really a hindrance to our collective careers so loved this blog; this article on how to stand out at work is a nice reminder list; as is the blog on getting you and your career ready for the future (and change):




Yahoo – Still loving the Yahoo saga, the slide-share below is one perspective (and it’s kinda cute), but Marissa Mayer had the data on her side, and we all know the data never lies:



Business and management – I know I have mixed business and leadership in previous blogs, trying to separate them this time so the caveat is some articles blur the lines. This first blog is on Information, Intelligence and Innovation flows within your organisations network; the need to preserve institutional knowledge – seems like common sense but so often gets lost; this last article is really shallow and more about a product but provokes thought on privacy with regards to automatic reporting on your workforce’s location from their smartphones:




Apps store – a topic we discuss here often – this article is designed for larger corporates and why they should have their own app stores as a means of controlling what gets downloaded to company (and BYOD) devices:


Leadership – as mentioned in the past my favourite reading topic. First up a blog on perseverance; Richard Branson’s insight into creating a culture of opportunity is an awesome leadership strategy we are thrilled to be aligned with; and I loved this article on 10 things amazing employees do – and am happy to report all of our amazing employees do all of these things (cool aye):




Data Scientists & budding data scientists – you might all like to read through this slide-share:


Product development – I didn’t post anything on the product topic last week so here are a few. This article on product management is similar to others but has a good list; then the slide-share on how to price your Software as a Service product is a goodie; this blog from Xero on telling stories to sell software and this article on the science of telling stories are worth a read too when considering your product pitch; this blog on 10 things you can do to improve application development is aimed at internal development within a corporate but good to read all the same if you are a vendor:






OMG – think I need to add an OMG category to this reading list there are so many things out there that just stun me. Got to appreciate the innovative nature of this business but it still stunned me – and I’m their potential target consumer – OMG: