Welcome to my midweek reading blog, loads of great articles and blogs worth a read this week – and just for a change something I really didn’t like.

I was late to discover Yahoo’s decision to roundup their remote workers but am loving the debate as it’s playing out. Surely it all comes down to a balance between culture and the numbers – will this make the company more productive and focused? In a years time we may find Yahoo have started a reversal of the teleworking trend, or we may find their workforce disengages. Will be fascinating to follow over the coming months:




Careers – locally our market is in a funny state, the post Christmas upturn is starting to happen in parallel with the whole of government digesting how they will be impacted by infrastructure as a service and other broad brush initiatives. Every DBA out there should read this blog on big data careers – it’s a very good idea and provides food for thought on anyone needing to move their career towards new technologies or disciplines (ie: trendy stuff). If you are interviewing for roles read these tips on body language:



Entrepreneur, leadership and management – the stuff I really enjoy reading and expanding my thinking on are broadly based in these three categories. Every week I read so many wonderful experienced based articles but finding the gems can be a challenge. This week I was drawn in by this fantastic title – Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People – and the article lived up to the title. These blogs on differentiating your personal brand from that of your product and leadership dynamics are both worth a read:




This first blog below offers hope you can train your brain to multi-task – or not as the case may be; a nice succinct reminder that cash is king quite simply because it can make or break your business; and if you have time do skim this article which contains 41 one line tips from game changing entrepreneurs:




On the BI and Analytics front here is a link to the Gartner Magic Quadrant on Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms:


Finally – I’m sorry Infosys, this infographic doesn’t make me want to know more about your product, and it doesn’t tell my much about it either – bad example of an infographic, is it really an infographic at all? that’s a whole other blog topic:


That’s it – hope you found something useful. Cheers Vic