Welcome to my mid-week reading summary of the best stuff I read on the web this week. I also managed to read a couple of actual books including finishing off Drive by Daniel Pink (thanks Robine I know it was my 2011 birthday gift). I do love books but these days don’t really find the time to read them to completion, whereas articles and blogs are short enough to consume while drinking a coffee or waiting for a meeting to start – short bites of information for our increasingly busy lives.

Data and information management wise this blog on data virtualisation provides a good overview and contains a link to another great article on data virtualisation vs traditional ETL; IBM’s Big Data maturity model is worth a look as is their blog on controlling the Big Data explosion; a nice post on Skills Data Scientists should cultivate;





People and capability wise a cute reminder about communication leading to happy teams; a list of the least stressful jobs (interesting list); an some insight into who not to hire or you could interpret it as a very good interview question; and finally the power of your network when job hunting:




Women in Business wise I read loads of interesting stuff and tweeted a few articles, here are some more.



Generally on leadership and business – thinking positive and changing your vocabulary; a nice blog on communication in leadership; do we really need to embrace a work-life balance?; the potential competitive advantage of agile; and a piece on Andrew Patterson post selling Zeacom – their business model, means of growth and decision to sell:






Finally for a bit of fun – I had a wee peek at this article on why we go to conferences before both the SAS and Oracle conferences here in Wellington, it made me chuckle; as did this blog on The Register after LinkedIN sent everyone an email that their profile was in the top 5%:



Happy reading folks. Vic