Hi, what a lovely morning it is in the capital, national bike to work day too by the number of cyclists around.
I am experiencing a slight technology disorder today and can’t seem to adjust the font or the size of these links, hopefully it’s still ok to read and follow.

Product development wise I liked this wee summary of questions to ask yourself when testing your product idea and have incorporated some of these questions into our planning for Optimal-Labs product currently in development:
and this blog on product management is a succinct read:

Loved this article on the balance of employees every business needs:
Are you a manager or a leader? this comparison article on management is still not leadership from HBR will help you with that question.
Good insight into a key area New Zealand employment law favours the employee, in my mind unfairly as a result of a complicated process: good comments on this too.
This presentation is long but it’s messaging at the beginning about embodying company values is a good reminder when considering the culture of your company:

Geeky bits – Serious stuff first, worth reading what Forrester is predicting as emerging technology wise:
Imagine life with a solar powered iPhone – the freedom of not having to rush home or into the office for charge before you head out again will be awesome!
oh and last week I posted a link to the wonders of crowdfunding an open source death star (still cracks me up) I see a rival consortia have launched a crowdfunding bid for a rebel alliance to take down said death star:

I am going to try this and report back – seems like common sense, relax and you will be more productive, not sure about installing a nap place in the office though:

Finally, since OptimalBI is all about making information visible we love infographics, one of our team has been producing fantastic means of visualising results which I will post links to over the coming weeks. Here are a few topical infographics I have come across and liked this week:

No publicity is bad publicity right? one of my tweets made it to stuff yesterday, must remember to tweet more often:

Hope you enjoyed some of these articles. Happy Reading, Vic.