Interestingly – and surprisingly – it was quite easy to keep track of everything I read online over the last week, it was however very hard to come up with a list of highlights, so much content is rehashed or dumbed-down, spoon-feeding us how we should think and react.

However, there were a few gems that caught my attention, loosely categorised below.

The most Thought Provoking blog I read this week was this:

I have since asked a few business founder friends who both do and don’t have professional CEO’s what their thoughts on the topic are, something I will probably blog about myself later in the year once I have developed a stronger opinion.

The Coolest looking App I discovered this week was it’s been around a while and is now owned by LinkedIN but nifty idea.

Business Intelligence wise I thought the summary on how SaaS is creating data silo’s was one of the better ones I have read recently on that topic, the concept of a “digital landfill” is quite a cool analogy and technology wise Attunity’s big data integration sounds very promising:

a new app I discovered referred to in the article above is

On the People, Organisational and Personal Brand front I learned the term “ambivert” and enjoyed the link between HR and Predictive Analytics:

Forrester confirmed we are in the right business both Business Intelligence and Software Product Development wise. And this article reminding us that stories are a powerful marketing tool was quite timely as we refresh our website content:

The role of Women in Business & their impact on Global Economy were themes I picked up on this week from the coverage of the World Economic forum in Davos:

And just because I used to work for Transpower something we should all keep an eye on because it will hit our electricity bills one way or another

I hope you managed to find something of interest reading wise in this list. Cheers Vic.