As OptimalHQ grows and diversifies so does my reading list and man there is so much to read out there – articles, blogs, infographics, whitepapers, bulletins, waves, reports and quadrants etc etc.

As a New Zealand business owner there is a wealth of information to stay current with, this, coupled with a vested interest in our economy and market, it’s role within the global economic climate lead to daily news feeds. As a woman I am fascinated and inspired by successful women in business both here and overseas. I am also passionate about sustainable and ethical consumerism, a growing trend which provides simulating and thought provoking insight. Then there are the technical subject areas each of our businesses specialise in:

  • Data, Visualisation, Information, Analytical tools, techniques and trends for OptimalBI
  • Product development, Marketing, start-ups, what’s hot right now, tools and techniques for Optimal-Labs
  • Capability management, organisational development, market movement and recruitment trends for Optimal People
  • Commercial and governance, leadership trends, everything Innovative and new – really anything new – for OptimalHQ

Just to round out the list I also own a firewood and landscape supplies company so read a fair bit on logging in NZ, the export market, compost techniques, landscaping trends as well – but I won’t bore you with all of those too.

Point is I read, then I say to people “have you read xyz?” they usually say no, to which I will always respond “I’ll send you a link” invariably forgetting to send said link in a timely manner, if at all. So my elegant solution is to blog midweek with any gems from my recent reading list. I won’t post links to everything just the thought provoking, insightful or particularly relevant stuff worth a read. I know there are SaaS products I could subscribe to publish my reading list but I kinda like the idea of writing it up as a blog, so will start with that.

I’ll tag the reading blogs with mid-week reading to make them easier to find when I do remember to send you that link.

First edition tomorrow. Happy Reading! Vic.