I love that invigorating feeling of returning to work re-energised, enthusiastic, full of transformational and innovative ideas post holiday, there’s simply nothing like it.  Holiday’s – whether it’s a 3 day mini-break or 4 weeks trekking  – are important. In that time we step outside our normal routines, recharge our batteries, read and do different things and in short re-stimulate our brains. The result of which can be fantastic, perspectives changes, creativity reigns and as a business owner some of our best ideas are conceived while on holiday.

Sadly for some people that feeling lasts 5 minutes before their reality hits, being trapped in a role or organisation where this new found energy is unwelcome, discouraged or constrained is tough. The internet is full of “post holiday blues” blogs and articles, rehashed after every major holiday I might add, extinguishing that energy and enthusiasm with reinforcing notions that everyone is in the same boat and now is the time to reassess your career and goals in life.

Luckily I know that Shane and I will never face that scenario again, and (we hope) nor will any of our staff. We love what we do, we know it’s hard work but that’s a big part of the attraction. We are lucky enough to have an awesome team who encourage our big hairy audacious goals and take having fun while you work as seriously as we do. Some weeks I can’t keep up with the flood of ideas, especially in this post holiday re-energised period, but I know that I should be scared if the innovation ever slows down.

Here’s to an awesome 2013! Vic