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Women! we need to standup and be seen

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” Maya Angelou   Last week I had an awesome time at the Canterbury Tech Summit, caught up with old friends, met new ones and enjoyed a diverse... read more

Ideas are free, execution is priceless!

We’re all starting to understand the phrase “Culture eats strategy for lunch” to be true from our own experiences, taking one step back from the organisational momentum that culture design brings is the transition from ideas to execution. Fulfilling... read more

Encouraging women to play the digital game

This article was published in the Sunday Star Times and posted on 7th August 2016 Companies can change their behaviours to strike a better balance for women, writes Victoria MacLennan. I don’t think there’s any doubt we have a problem with the... read more

“The problem with women……..”

Sounds like a loaded statement but is one I hear often used to start a sentence, in the past I have been guilty of doing the same “the problem with women in tech…..”, “the problem with women on boards….”,”the problem with... read more

The importance of hunting those sacred cows

Cows are pretty topical here in the land of Hobbits, our economy is increasingly dependant on them at the same time as evidence emerges showing they are causing some of the pollution tarnishing our clean green image. Those black and white cows aren’t what I am... read more

Impostor Syndrome and my FOMO

I have FOMO – Fear of missing out – the phenomenon Impostor Syndrome has crept into my world with articles, meetup groups, social media activity, people talking about it and left me wondering what I am missing out on? Growing up on the adage of “Fake... read more

Know your Biases – in life and in business

No matter how self aware we may feel we all have biases. They are often ingrained for many years or instilled as the result of a single event. Reality is we have them and engage them influencing our decision making every day.   If you are thinking who cares? right now... read more

The art of coping with The Struggle

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all went through life on an even keel, no matter what happened it didn’t phase us? Equally wouldn’t it be awesome if Winston Churchill was right and success was actually going from failure to failure without losing... read more

Are you the CEO your company deserves?

So you launched your company, started your startup and find you are now a CEO! awesome! best job in the world – or is it? Not everyone is cut out to be Founder and CEO of their company, many founders are brilliant at “doing the things their company... read more

Do customer functions have a measurable ROI?

A decision I have been struggling with for months now is whether to hold a customer / client function / party / event in 2014. Applying both my analytical based and my belief’s based decision making skills, researching whether there is a return on investment... read more

Is a complaint free life possible?

Imagine the productivity enhancements a company of positive problem solvers could achieve, nobody criticising their customers or colleagues instead offering constructive and helpful feedback all the time! imagine an enhanced relationship with your friends and family... read more